If you think that the content on the website is unethical/misleading/ or is using your personal information in any possible way, it is requested that you provide us with complete proof on our official Email: complaint@truechats.com. If the proof that you have provided turns out to be true, that users account will be removed and banned from our website permanently. 
Each email will be entertained within 48 hours at complaint@truechats.com 
Truechats is a pure social media platform. We have no personal content on this website. Users from around the world share their content. It is their right until or unless they do not violate someones privacy or post vulgar or misleading information. The Truechat team reserves the right to delete/remove any post that is against the moral ethics, is illegal, or misleading. Such users will be given a warning and if such a complaint is registered again for the same person, his/her account gets permanently banned. 
For further assistance, you are free to contact us.