1. No member will be allowed to use any fake profiles/accounts or use someone's personal picture as theirs. If someone is found such a foul act, his/her account will be permanently banned from the website. 
2. Once your account has been verified, each post will gain you some points. These points will keep on increasing as you post. Each point is equivalent to some $ amount. (Note: The $ amount is not constant. It will vary from time to time).
3. Each post will carry some earning points. The points will can will increase and can decrease according to the consistency of posting. For example, if 1000 points is equal to $1, if you are generating posts on a daily basis and are getting traffic, for 100o points, you will be able to earn $2 as well. As mentioned, the rate is not constant, it will vary. 
4. Only the profiles that are verified will be able receive their payouts. 
5. Users having fake referrals using VPN or any other private networks will have their account removed/blocked from the system. 
6. Illegal or irrelevant products should not be used. If illegal or unethical post are found/shared on/from your profile, your profile will be removed and banned permanently. 
7. Any other post that is not related to work will also be not allowed. But it will not result in removing or banning of your account. 
8. User can share blog or jobs offers. As long as the content that is posted on this social media platform is not offensive/unethical/contains misleading information/ or against the code of conduct, it will be acceptable. 
9. Being a user, you will also have the freedom to post product pictures. Remember that each post will be monitored by our moderator. If the content that is posted on your profile/ shared from your profile/ or you have received such content, it may lead to banning of your profile. 
10. Only one account is allowed per person. If multiple accounts are found on one system, we will consider all the accounts as fake. This will lead to permanent removal of your account and you will not receive any payout either. 
11. A user will only get points for the post that he/she has shared. Also, he/she will be receiving points for each post that he/she shares or likes. If someone shares/likes your content, you will not receive any points. 
For further information, do not hesitate to email us. For profile verification, you can contact to the administrator.

Last Update : 8 Apr 2021